Life had presented me with the opportunity to do some things that I wanted to do. So after some thinking, I knew. I wanted to write a book, and I wanted to do more to help children in need. After time in prayer, it came to me that I should found an organization to help children and I should call it “Sparrow’s Wings,” based on Scripture:


Matthew 10:29 – Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.


Psalm 91:4 - God will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge.


My heart has always been with children, and most of my volunteer efforts have been to help children in need. 

Shortly after founding Sparrow’s Wings I said to my family, “I need to have a fundraiser. Should I have a car wash or a bake sale?” My daughter immediately replied, “Mom, you love Pearls. Figure out a way to do something with Pearls.” Before I could remind her that I was not a jewelry designer, my granddaughter remarked that she had seen some really cool Pearls on one of the Caribbean islands that were on leather. So, I purchased a few Pearls from a farmer in Tahiti and a bit of leather, made a few very simple jewelry pieces, and had the fundraiser at our local hospital. People began requesting my jewelry and I began to be invited to show at special events and markets.


By continually donating a portion of profits and other jewelry fundraisers, Sparrow’s Wings has helped hungry children in America as well as in several Third World countries. And we have helped children impacted by hurricanes and other traumatic events that are not the children’s fault. It is never the child’s fault.


Imagine my surprise when I won the Jewelry Trends international jewelry design competition, and then when I was named best jewelry designer in St. Augustine two years in a row! So now I guess I am a jewelry designer!! And a busy one!

And about my book? Well, I have one page written...

It all began with a Sparrow...


Donna D'Isola for Global Island Treasures

St. Augustine Florida

(770) 757-5321

Every Pearl is Unique

Because every jewelry item is handmade and every Pearl is unique, no two are exactly alike and your piece may vary slightly from photos. Each item is available in your choice of tan, dark brown, or black leather. Or you may contact us to inquire about other leather choices available. The necklaces noted as “adjustable length” are adjustable from choker to belly button length. Or maybe customized to a specific length of your choice. The necklaces noted as “standard or adjustable length” may be made in one specific length, with standard clasp and no leather, or adjustable as noted.

Global Island Treasures

St. Augustine Florida

(770) 757-5321

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