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How to Care for Your Global Island Treasure

Pearls love to be loved, and they love to be worn. However, there are things you can do to assure their beauty and luster will last for generations.

Because they come from the waters of the earth, they don’t mind being in the water. So feel free to wear your Pearls in the ocean or in unpolluted freshwater rivers and lakes. But it is important to remember---PEARLS DO NOT LIKE CHEMICALS!  For that reason, the simple rule to remember is that Pearls are to be “Last On, First Off!”  Wait until after you have used hairspray, spray deodorant, or perfumes before putting on your Pearl jewelry. Be sure to take off your Pearls before taking a shower. Remove your Pearl rings before washing your hands with soap. And never ever wear your Pearls in the swimming pool.


When necessary, you may rinse your Pearls with bottled water. Allow them to air dry, or gently pat them with a clean soft cotton cloth.


The leather on your jewelry is durable, but please remember it is jewelry, not leather combat boots! A bit of care of your leather goes a long way. When necessary, as with the Pearls you may rinse the leather with bottled water—air dry or pat gently with a clean soft cotton cloth. Every couple of weeks or so condition the leather with shea butter. I prefer unrefined shea butter---just a tiny dab should be sufficient.


To help the sterling silver keep its shine, an occasional quick touch with a silver cleaning cloth will be fine. Sterling silver also looks better the more it is worn!


For the other gems and stones, treat them the same way you treat the Pearls and they will be happy.

The most important thing to remember is Enjoy your Global Island Treasures!  The more you wear them the more you will smile, I am sure!!

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