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Donna Moody Gray Creator and Designer of Global Island Treasures and Donna D'Isola
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Island WomanTM

That is I. For myself, although I have enjoyed seeing and experiencing the grandest of castles and cathedrals and many mysterious sites built by humans that we cannot explain, it is always the wonders of God’s creation that bring me the most joy---the stars in the sky, the breeze on my face, the sand on my feet, and the sense of wild abandonment whenever I enter the water. Or when I am by the water. Or just know that I am near the water.

My own island is just a Lion’s Bridge away from the lovely town of St. Augustine—one of the most unique places in the world. Such a strong sense of history, of community, of nature, and of creative energy. I love to be out and about among the community, the nature, and the energy. “I am so very honored and blessed to have won the Jewelry Trends International Jewelry Designs Competition, and have been named  St. Augustine’s Best Jewelry Designer two years in a row.

I have always admired other strong women, and I have always loved Pearls. Whenever I am cocooned in my workroom, if I am very quiet and listen very carefully I can hear the Pearls speak to me. They tell me of their adventure, they tell me they know how very special they have been to humans throughout history. Pearls know that they do not need to glitter. Because they glow. And they speak of their desire to be part of a special design for that special person. With a whisper they teach me about strength, about faith, about serenity. For they, too, are D’Isola. Of the island. Of the global island and its seas.

—Donna Moody Gray

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Why Do We Love Pearls?

Why do we love Pearls? The Pearl is the only truly organic gem on earth, and also the oldest recognized gem in human history. From before the Egyptians pearls have been honored and loved. As symbols of serenity, strength, faith, and fidelity, Pearls were the chosen gem of royalty for centuries.

The Pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens!

The Pearl is the only truly sustainable gem on Earth. Our Pearls are cultivated by pearl farmers all over the world, and we all owe a debt of gratitude to them. Because oysters and mollusks need pristine waters in order to produce Pearls, the farmers are fighting valiantly to keep the waters of our planet clean, whether they be oceans and seas or freshwater rivers and lakes.

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