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It is for this woman—It is for You—that we design...

"Who is the island woman?"

Though she has traveled the world, she always returns to her island, her special place of paradise. Warmed by the gentle breezes, ripened by the balmy sun, strengthened by the waves, nurtured by the sea, refined by the sand, inspired by the treasures of the sea. Refreshed and renewed with resolve to face whatever the next wave brings with serene elegance, grace, quiet sophistication, and a sense of whimsy. She is not afraid of being who she is. Of becoming who she is becoming. Always ready to embrace adventure, and to celebrate special moments.

This woman is our muse. It is for this woman that I design our exclusively unique, fabulously simple, and outrageously spirited creations.

Donna D’Isola-Island Woman

Aficionados were recognizing these designs and were asking for them—but were often referring to them as “the woven Pearls.”  These are some of my personal favorites to create and are always a labor of love.  They remind me of Donna D’Isola—Island Woman. So very intricate, strong, versatile—ready for the most fun day, the most romantic evening, or the most special event. And mysterious. Every Pearl has its own story to tell - of where it has been, what it has seen, what it has learned, and what it dreams.


Just like Donna D’Isola, the Island Woman

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