Fireball Rose Lei Necklace

Fireball Rose Lei Necklace


The new classic—with attitude! This necklace, though simple in design, will turn heads whenever and wherever you wear it! These huge fireball Pearls must have been made by artistic mollusks—each one is unique and makes its own statement! The rose quarts accents give a softness to this wonderful design. Or, contact us concerning the availability of other gems.

18mm-20mm Freshwater Fireball Pearls, Rose Quartz, Sterling Silver, Leather, Our Signature Sterling Silver Charm


Adjustable length from 17” to 40”. Or we can create yours as a set length—17”, 18” or 19” with a sterling silver clasp.


Available in black or silver gray leather.

Fireball Rose Lei

Every Pearl is Unique

Because every jewelry item is handmade and every Pearl is unique, no two are exactly alike and your piece may vary slightly from photos. Each item is available in your choice of tan, dark brown, or black leather. Or you may contact us to inquire about other leather choices available. The necklaces noted as “adjustable length” are adjustable from choker to belly button length. Or maybe customized to a specific length of your choice. The necklaces noted as “standard or adjustable length” may be made in one specific length, with standard clasp and no leather, or adjustable as noted.

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