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Adventure Collection

Your Adventure Collection jewelry will be your “go to” jewelry for all your adventures. Whether your idea of adventure is sailing the deep blue seas, mountain climbing, trekking through your favorite boutique, or lunching with friends our Adventure jewelry is always appropriate.  This collection is a traveler’s favorite, because most of the necklaces can be worn various lengths or various ways. The freshwater Pearls I use are delightful because of the many sizes and shapes from which we can choose when planning a design. 

Speaking of delightful, it is impossible to wear a Festiva Collection jewelry piece without smiling. I start with my wonderful freshwater Pearls, and add colorful natural and semi-precious stones. Part of the fun for me is to search out stones in interesting--sometimes unusual—shapes and sizes to create a unique design. So, very often each piece is definitely a one-of-a-kind. And an instant festival, the moment you wear it!

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